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Tree Removal Services in Berlin, CT

Professional Stump Grinding in Berlin, CT

Finally say 'so long' to that nuisance of a tree for good when you call on the experts at Yardley Tree Service in Berlin, Connecticut. Our experts have the tools, knowledge, and more than a decade of experience to remove it safely, efficiently, and quickly. 

In addition to removing trees, Yardley Tree Service offers log/wood removal and stump grinding in Berlin, CT. Rest assured that our experts do everything in their power to keep your lawn in pristine condition and free from damage while on your property.


Tree removal and brush clipping truly go hand in hand. With our high-powered chipper, we're able to take all yard debris and turn that into valuable mulch, woodchips, or other compost. Best of all, it saves you the extraordinary expense of having someone haul it away for you.

Stump Grinding in Berlin, CT

No Stumps enhances a Beautiful LAWN

Tree stumps aren't only a distractor to your lush, beautiful lawn; they can be a downright eyesore. That isn't even your biggest issue, as tree stumps are also where insects, including termites, wasps, and bees, call home.

Make the right choice to improve the safety and visual appeal of your outdoor area and choose us for stump grinding. Our incredibly powerful tow-behind stump grinder attaches to our pickup, meaning we're able to reach almost any stump anywhere.

The process of removing a stump isn’t something you should attempt on your own. The roots of trees often extend deep into the earth. What may seem like a simple task can soon become complicated and very labor-intensive for the inexperienced. The use of the correct tools and equipment for stump grinding results in a smooth lawn or garden and saves you time and money in the long run. Once the stump is gone, you can install that gazebo, water feature, or outdoor barbeque you’ve always dreamed of having. Don’t let the prospect of tree and stump removal stop you from finishing your landscaping projects, call now, and we’ll provide a quote to get you started.

The correct method of stump grinding is critical. Without proper stump removal, some species of trees start to regrow and become an unwanted addition to your yard. Maintain a healthy landscape and talk to the stump grinding professionals who know how to not only remove the stump but ensure that it doesn’t create a problem down the road. When you’ve gone to the effort of having a tree stump removed, you don’t want to have to repeat the work in a few years.

Once that unsightly stump is gone, we recommend looking into installing some grass or a lovely flowerbed. No matter what you decide to put in its place, you'll be glad to see that the ugly stump is finally free from your lawn.


Should you be one of the ambitious few who took your tree matters into your own hands and now have leftover logs laying around your yard, count on our team to remove and dispose of them properly for you. Really, anyone who has too much wood on their property can turn to our team for pickup.