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Lot Clearing Services in Berlin, CT

Lot Clearing Services in Berlin, CT

Whether you have a piece of property you're looking to sell, or your current space has become too cluttered to handle on your own, our pros are here to help. Our lot clearing services in Berlin, CT, clear and remove everything from small lots to a couple of acres. You won't believe the difference once we've cleared out all of the excess debris. Along with this service, we're also able to grind stumps, remove potentially hazardous trees upon request.


We take all random brush found on or around your lawn, put it in our high-powered chipper, and make valuable woodchips or composting materials. From there, we can either remove it completely from your site or leave for you to use somewhere else.

Not only is this and extremely fast and efficient way to remove yard debris, but it's also much cheaper than hiring someone to haul those big pieces away. This service goes perfectly with tree removal, or whenever excessive brush has accumulated on your lawn.

Imagine the Possibilities

Before you have us haul any mulch away, which we will gladly do for you, consider the potential for future use. For example, fresh woodchips look amazing up and down walkways or around existing trees.

Rediscover your lawn

Leaves, branches, and other debris will fall from your trees and cover your once lovely looking lawn. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the worse your entire outdoor area is going to look. Put an end to the buildup now and call the pros at Yardley Tree Service in Berlin, Connecticut, for brush clipping.